Anatomy of Being Human

What makes one face personal tragedy and grief with equanimity and balance?

What makes one rise above hurt, sorrow and pain?

Finally, what makes one think and feel beyond just oneself in such extreme circumstances?

No recipe, formula, education, experience, upbringing or breaking down of DNA can explain it. Maybe it’s all of it or some or just none of it.

I have sometimes recognized such strength in the simple and uncomplicated manner of the rural people and I have tried to break it down.

My belief is that those who are one with themselves and the environment are most clearly such persons. There is no strife within or without to have that balance. They have accepted and surrendered to the ultimate will in a manner of complete conformity.

Not just for lack of effort or unease with the result but in unison to yield to the outcome. This is what makes their mental make-up rise above the average.

Cadet Reddy’s father was one such person.

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