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Reviews for Only One Life to Give

I found it so fascinating that in one go I finished it from first page to last page. The constant theme which, as you would see from this title, is that there is truly only one life to give. If you have to give, give it in this life, don’t wait for the next. That comes across in every story.

There is so much that is good, food for thought, to think about and – what is my purpose, is there something that one can do. These are some of the questions that automatically come to you, not that somebody dictates to you, but the poser that he puts across to you with the stories, is itself a challenge to you, that look there is only one life to give.

– Air Chief Marshal S.K.Kaul (Retd.), PVSM, MVC, Former Chief of Air Staff

It touched my heart. …..It is written with heart, it’s a wonderful book on values and qualities we should imbibe and the way the stories have been told is absolutely wonderful.

– Shri Sanjay Lalbhai, Chairman and MD-Arvind Ltd.

I am feeling rather embarrassed that you have put me on the same page (pedestal) as your father – I can’t ever stand comparison with him with all his sterling qualities practiced (not preached) in real life under adverse circumstances. Men of that caliber do not exist today.

– Air Mshl (Retd) P.M.Ramachandran.PVSM AVSM SC VM, Former  Vice Chief of the Air Staff, IAF

The Indian Trinity – of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram – Truth, Goodness and Beauty – asserts itself in each story.

– Professor R.N.Kaul, Professor of English & Controller of Examinations-Kashmir University (Retd.)


While reading through them, you re-live the events as if you were present with Mr. Kaul.

A magnificent book of captivating tales that teaches honesty and art of helping. It contains treasure of wisdom that can enrich and enhance the life of every single person-a message that everyone can benefit from.’ A must read!

– Revti Sahay, Bangalore

This is basically to convey the compliments of my friends to whom I had given your book to read. They really liked it and join me in thinking that we need more books of this genre in today’s time. All the narratives are sensitively dealt with and inspiring. We look forward to your next venture and extend our best wishes for the same.

– Alpana Mittal

The true essence of society is to stay together and lend a helping hand to your fellow beings, and Kaul has really nailed it.

– Sandeep Mundra, Founder and CEO,

This book will start process of change with yourself, this will make you participatory human. You will become active that will be able to demand action from self.

– Mr Pradeep Tiwari

I read your book titled ‘ Only One Life To Give ‘ and found it very interesting and meaningful. The way this book is divided into different sections and the link between them is appreciable and well narrated. As based on your professional life , this book gives an opportunity to every reader to gain a good moral lesson. Lastly, I would sincerely like to admire your hard work and dedication towards the success of this book.

– Vibha Prasad

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